About Us

 Tibet Hemony PharmaCo., Ltd is an emerging and comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise which integrates scientific research, manufacturing and sales of medicine and medical equipment. Committed to the vision “Human, Health and Harmony” and social responsibility “Making efforts for your health”, we provide quality service for our partners and excellent products to customers.

Three head offices which located in Lasa, Chongqing and Shanghai, and two production platforms, two sales platforms as well as one professional products promotion platforms are included, Hemony holds more than 500 skilled employees, in which 90% or above are well educated and graduated from collage or university institutions. Also, we have a sales network spreading 300 first-class hospitals and 1200 second-class hospitals. By the end of 2014, the total sales revenue is predicted to reach 600million (RMB).


Production Platforms:

1, Chongqing Huachang Pharma Co., Ltd. is the production platform of pharmaceuticals. It has multiple production lines of oral solid preparation (including capsules, tablets and granules) and injection (including sterile powder and freeze-dried powder). The major products are Chinese medicines with exclusive dosage forms and efficacy such as Rhubarb Gallbladder CapsuleQiwei Gandanqing Capsule, Guipu Shenqing Capsule. Huachang PharmaCo.,Ltd, as one of the production platforms, uses high polymer materials and animal collagen as raw materials, and manufactures a series of quality medical consumables for surgical operation, such as styptic powder and hemostatic sponge.

2, Chongqing KangmeiWei Surgical instruments Co., Ltd. is devoted to R&D and manufacture of high-tech and advanced minimal invasive surgical instruments including Ultrasonic scalpel and stapler.

Sales platform:

Tibet Hemony PharmaCo., Ltd & Chongqing Kaiyu PharmaCo.,Ltd are the main sales platform of medicine as well as medical devices. With a 300 professional marketing and sales personnel, our sales net covers 300 first-class hospitals and 1200 second-class hospitals.

Promotion platform:

MDC Pharmaceutical Co., LTD (Beijing), the dominated promotion platform works on the promotion of multinational products. Its network spreading 17 provinces in China covers pediatrics, gynecology, dermatology, antibiotics, etc.

We focus on not only the Independent R&D and innovation of the product, also the effectively cooperation with domestic R&D manufacturers such as Chongqing Laimei, Guangdong Shixin and Jiangxi Aosaikang. Currently, we lunched more than 10 innovation products manufactured in our plants; build strategic relationship with several international companies for mutual development, such as Pfizer Inc(US), Nitto(Japan),Ranbaxy(Indian), Edmond(Italy),LGLS(Korea), Leo(Denmark),  Xellia(Norway) and a Swiss company.

From the year of 2013, Hemony Pharm was devoted to build the Information System, successfully set up 5 Management software systems: ERP, CRM, OA, HR, BI (system). In 2014, Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) was put forward for data management. Meanwhile, the management system which called “5R” (The abbreviations of result, responsibility, reward, review, refine) from a domestic esteemed consulting company was introduced for organization culture refine program.

With a committed vision for human health, Hemony sincerely welcome domestic and global partners for a promising future for human healthcare.


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