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The delegation of LG Life Sciences visit our company to discuss cooperation matters



Ministers of LG Life Sciences Overseas Planning Department and the Asian Group of Overseas Sales Department visited Hemony on October 4th, 2014. Warmly received and accompanied by company leaders, they visited each department and warehouse.
At the meeting, in terms of Gemifloxacininjection project, cooperation model of both side and other aspects of subsequent product promotionwas carried out in-depth discussion. Finally, LGLS and Hemony reached a consensus and signed TermSheet.

Gemifloxacininjection project is one of the key projects of Hemony.Termsheet signing marks substantial progress of the project. Our BD Department willmake every effort to carry forward the project and strive for an early signing of contract.
LG Life Sciences is an important partner of our company. Former Gemifloxacintablet project laid a good foundation for successful signing of Termsheet of the Gemifloxacininjection project. A long-term cooperation relationship will be maintained between the two sides. LG LifeSciences and Hemony will strive for developing China's antibiotics market and introducing more original research products for Chinese patients.


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