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The First ROLEPLAY Contest of Direct Sales Department Was Held Smoothly


At the time of season changing, Direct Sales Department ushered in the third quarter summarization convention. In order to improve frontline sales staff’s professional skills of visiting doctors and consolidate their product knowledge, Marketing Department and Direct Sales Department elaborately held this contest.

Management level of the company and each department supervised the “battle”, director of Direct Sales Department, manager of Marketing Department and two managers of Chongqing region acted as judges of the contest.

With great enthusiasm, each team took part in role play and had a team presentation.


At the formal stage, each team sent out “senior generals” to participate in the contest on behalf of the team.

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Each team had a wonderful performance and won round after round of enthusiastic applause. Eventually, Zhirong Zhao, from the second direct sales group, won the individual trophy, and the instrument group she was in also won the team championship award.

Finally, the judges made brilliant comments and awarded for the winning team and individual.

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Best wishes to all the colleagues of Direct Sales Department. We believe, through this contest, they will recognize problems in their usual work, constantly improve their visiting abilities and strive for the fourth quarter success!

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