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Care Deeply About People’s Health in the Battle Against SARS ——Chongqing Changhui Pharma


If our society is a living organism, then each enterprise is a cell. The development of an enterprise is based on the society. The society provide companies with support and resources ,in return , companies should take social responsibilities to meet its expectations.

As the predecessor of Hemony, Chongqing Changhui Pharma has been adhering to making efforts for human health.

In the battle against SARS in 2003, Chongqing Changhui Pharma and Jiangsu Suzhong Pharma had donated goods, materials and medicine worth 0.55 million yuan to Chongqing Municipal Health Bureau, which had been made full use during that period.

Developing from Changhui to Hemony, we have become stranger, which means we have more responsibilities. We will stick to the goal of “Making Efforts for Your Health”to contribute to our society.

——Admin & HR Department

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